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This bundle of 50 articles published on the blog of NATO's transformational headquarters aimed to jumpstart your thinking and your exploration of limits of your box. These are articles to move your head in agreement or to violently disagree with. History and the development of science show us that the confrontation of ideas lead to better ones. I hope that this bundle does exactly that.

Read. Enjoy. If you want to react, no problem.  I only hope, you think about it.

All 50 ThinkBox articles: The ThinkBox bundle

Military Stories

Storytelling is a good way to communicate novel ideas. As a reader, you are not forced to accept them all as such while invited to make an intellectual jump into the story. The advantage for me as the writer lays in the creative element of the story. Not everything, in particular the details, must be true as long as it paints an acceptable storyline. That is why a story can be a good lead-in to explain the initial thoughts behind a new concept in development.


Operation CONCRETE FOREST (Concept Development & Experimentation case study)

Space Marines (Concept Development & Experimentation case study)




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