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Some Articles in English


Even before moving to the United States for the first time, I had written or translated some of my articles in English. Some were already on this website. They were nevertheless hard to find, because my site is in Dutch and navigating through pages without understanding that language must have been hard (even with Google Translate). The creation of an English part of my site, I hope they are no easier to find. 

This section and the pages linked to it are not limited to diving, or to any specific topic.


Articles about diving published in the diving magazine 'Divers for the Environment'.

Skubba & Fred

Stories about two kids who discover diving step by step with illustrations from Peter Bosteels.

My Buddy

Diving is a hobby with various possibilities. There are plenty of good incentives to take your gear and get underwater. In this new series titled ‘My buddy’, I’m in search of diving enthusiasts who spend their limited time underwater for a special and specific reason. The idea is to demonstrate the enormous possibilities of our favourite sport.


Articles based on my military experience. 


Articles with reflexions on management.


During my 3 years in NATO's Strategic Headquarters and the following years I've been publishing articles on the HQ's blog. HQ SACT is the strategic level transformational HQ of NATO.

These article may be interesting for an audience outside the HQ, that is why after my departure I've decide to let them free on the internet.

These articles want to jumpstart your thinking and your exploration of limits of the box. Articles to move your head in agreement or to violently disagree with. History and the development of science show us that the confrontation of ideas lead to better ones.

I like to consider myself as a writer. Not that I have a special talent, but I like to write down my thought process. If I’m able to write something down, I like to believe that my thinking is aligned. I also like to write off frustrations and worries. Always in a positive, thought provoking and personnel style. A style you may dislike, but nevertheless it is my way of expression.

Read. Enjoy. If you want to react, no problem.  I only hope, you think about it.


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